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Analyzing athlete movements can help coaches and researchers understand more about their activities. They can develop virtual training systems and learn about the physical effort that players expend by tracking their body movements. Topographical maps also come in handy for outdoor athletes, like hikers, mountain climbers, skiers and snowboarders. ...

Principles Behind The Technology ?
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This process can get complex, but it all comes down to the concept of triangulation. Triangulation involves taking pictures from a minimum of two different locations. These pictures create lines of sight that lead from each camera to specific points on the object being photographed. The intersection of these lines plays into mathematical calculations ...

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We’ve become accustomed to the ease and convenience of online shopping with parcels delivered to our doorsteps with just a few clicks. But, there’s still something to be said about the experience of wandering the aisles of your favourite retail stores. We here at White Horse Photogrammetry ...

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