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Analyzing athlete movements can help coaches and researchers understand more about their activities. They can develop virtual training systems and learn about the physical effort that players expend by tracking their body movements. Topographical maps also come in handy for outdoor athletes, like hikers, mountain climbers, skiers and snowboarders. Mapping remote areas is often easier with the help of photogrammetric technology.

Scientifically recording a movement and giving feedback by evaluating it is an indispensable element of the sports and sports education. In sports, making the movement analysis outside the laboratory environment would allow us to minimize the adverse effects, such as restrictions and unobservability of the movements due to nature of the sports. Today, monitoring of athletes' movements using video recorder systems and analyzing them by photogrammetric methods overlap different disciplines in terms of study area and reveal quite successful results in many applications.

The photogrammetric techniques are based on the measurement and interpretation of the objects from images. The camera parameters are mathematically determined using the camera calibration or the values specified by the camera-manufacturing companies. Then the analytical relationship between the image coordinates and the three-dimensional space coordinates is modelled and the conversion process is performed. This allows to model objects without making physical contact and, thus, to obtain their metric information

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