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In agriculture, aerial photos can offer insights into soil quality, irrigation scheduling, nutrition and pests. Farmers can adjust their planting schedules or adjust irrigation and fertilizers with this information. They can also use photogrammetry when assessing growth and crop damage after storms or floods.

Researching and managing forests becomes significantly easier with the help of photogrammetry. It can produce models to analyze various aspects of a forest, like timber volume and height, to better understand the development of a forest.

Traditionally, agriculture is practiced by performing tasks such as planting or harvesting against a predetermined schedule. However, collecting real-time data can help farmers to make the best decisions about planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops. This approach is known as precision agriculture. In this context, interest in technological tools to adapt crop management strategies is growing. Hence, this research aims to analyze and compare the photogrammetry-based tools for the treatment of images in the agricultural domain. Furthermore, a case study of the land of the Agrarian University of Ecuador Experimental Research Center based in Mariscal Sucre, located in Milagro is presented. This study involves taking several photos by means of a drone and analyzing them with a photogrammetric software to obtain an orthophoto. This product can help to perform relative biomass analysis, drought stress, irrigation scheduling, predicting agricultural production, monitoring nutrition, pests and diseases that are affecting the photographed crop

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