Where Is It Used In Space Exploration ?
Where Is It Used In Space Exploration ?

Where Is It Used In Space Exploration ?

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Moving out to a larger scale, space-based photogrammetry occurs with cameras either fixed on Earth, in an artificial satellite or positioned on the moon or another planet. In fact, photogrammetry was touted as a key part of space exploration even in the ’60s, and technological advancements have made it even more relevant. It can tell us about cloud patterns, create accurate maps of Earth and gather data about faraway planets.

Space resection in photogrammetry involves determining the spatial position and orientation of a photo based on image measurements of ground control points that appear in the photo. Since space resection is a nonlinear problem, existing methods involve linearisation of the collinearity condition and the use of an iterative process to determine the final solution using the least-squares method. The process also requires initial approximate values of the unknown parameters, some of which must be estimated by another least-squares solution.

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