What Is Aerial Photogrammetry ?
What Is Aerial Photogrammetry ?

What Is Aerial Photogrammetry ?

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Images in support of terrestrial photogrammetry techniques are usually taken from a fixed position on the ground with a camera’s axis parallel to the Earth. Data about the camera’s position, such as its coordinates, are collected at the time the photo is taken. Terrestrial photogrammetry for surveying typically requires fewer resources and skilled technicians to accomplish, but it may take longer to cover a large portion of land.

Recording a single building elevation is perhaps the most straightforward use of photogrammetry. In general, the best approach is to attempt in part to mirror the aerial application of the process, by providing a series of overlapping images covering the entire elevation from left to right, bottom to top, but braced with additional oblique images. If nothing else, a methodical approach encourages completeness of coverage. This is most easily achieved, in the case of smaller buildings (less than three storeys), by using a combination of photographic tripod (for the ground floor) and a mast at different heights (for the upper floors). Care should be taken to ensure that there is enough side lap between the runs to allow their relative positions to be computed successfully. In many urban situations, the narrowness of streets means that stand-off is compromised. In such situations the use of a wider angle lens (for example 18 or 24mm) can be helpful, as fewer shots need to be taken.

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