How Retailers Are Adapting To A Digital Future

How Retailers Are Adapting To A Digital Future

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Last year, we all found ways to do business a little differently. As COVID-19's impact was felt across the world, companies and people adjusted to living a more virtual lifestyle. For many businesses, this change acted as a catalyst, pushing ahead the digital transformation efforts that had been already underway. As we look to the future of retail, it is clear that success lies in companies’ ability to embrace technology and adapt to consumers’ needs. A recent consumers combined with research spanning several retail sectors revealed key trends for the future of enterprise facilities management and eCommerce, including:

  1. More strategic roles are beginning to emerge for facilities managers in addressing the challenges of today’s brick-and-mortar spaces.
  2. Consumers appreciate the convenience afforded by shopping online but miss the feeling of an in-store experience.
  3. The use of technology will be key to creating an omnichannel experience for consumers

By utilising White Horse Photogrammetry’s innovative 3D technology, retailers have already begun to adapt to these trends and are engaging consumers in new, exciting ways. After scanning their physical storefronts, managers can reproduce brick-and-mortar locations into a digital, three-dimensional space, known as a 3D digital twin. Shoppers can then visualise and interact with environments they may not be able to visit in-person due to safety concerns or any other travel constraints.

3D technology is already causing waves across industries for both consumers and businesses. However, there is still room to grow as the technology continues to evolve and transform the retail experience.

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