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Photogrammetry can play a big role in set design and world-building for a variety of films and video games. 3D modeling can bring unique objects to fruition in a virtual world, like cityscapes for action sequences and accurate historical elements, such as statues and buildings. One popular franchise that uses photogrammetry is the “Battlefield” games, which have an art style that works well with these 3D renderings and recreations. In addition to world-building, photogrammetry can also assist with designing special effects and real sets.

Photogrammetry isn’t merely just one camera, it’s a lot of cameras from all different angles. Not only is a texture created in the compositing software of choice, but so is the bitmap for the created texture as well as the object being retopologised for suites that support 3D Objects.

Photogrammetry won’t automatically improve the appearance of every project. The projects that typically use photogrammetry are ones such as the Battlefront franchise (headed by DICE), the Battlefield franchise, The Talos: Principle and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The art styles of these games allow for the use of photogrammetry but a game such as Angry Birds or Limbo wouldn’t need photogrammetry as it wouldn’t fit with the games art style. It really highlights the point of how important an Art Bible is to a developer, so he or she knows what techniques and ideas should and could be used to design not only assets but also level design.

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