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Thirsk Walkabout

A collection of spherical photographs that include the Sowerby Sports Village, Topcliffe Road, Belgrave Terrace, Masonic Lane, St Mary's Church, Norby, Thirsk Market Square and various other pedestrian walkways.

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Newby Hall Visit

This collection of spherical photography attempted to capture all 25 acres of award winning gardens full of rare and beautiful plants in what was a glorious spring day.

Portfolio 001

Studely Royal Gardens

Walking around Studley Royal Water Gardens, an outstanding example of the ‘English’ garden, enabled us to appreciate why this garden and is regraded as a World Heritage Site.

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Redcar Coastline

Paddy's Hole is an area of reclaimed land and breakwater on the southern side of the mouth of the River Tees in Redcar. It is accessed by taking the South Gare Road (private road) from Fisherman's Crossing at the western end of Tod Point Road and home to a unique fisherman community unchanged for centuries.

The Photogrammetry Touch

Are you an estate agent looking for support to help you move those hard to sell houses ? A farmer that needs to get a handle on the size and scope of your estate ? A shopkeeper looking to attract back your Covid anxious customers ? Or simply an individual that wants to create a 'digital twin' of your house and all your possessions for insurance purposes ? If so get in touch with White Horse Web Solutions for a free no obligation quotation.


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