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Faster Time To Market

Acquiring, constructing, remodelling, or rebranding retail sites require accurate physical details and measurements to collaborate effectively with architectural firms and third-party contractors. White Horse Web Solutions captures the data needed for more precise bids without time-consuming site visits, and helps to accelerate decision-making. Designers can generate accurate point cloud data directly from a us to quickly create CAD, Revit or SketchUp models. 3D design templates can be easily replicated for other stores.


Of shoppers with a strong reluctance to venture into shops during lockdown

Of shoppers cite the fear of falling ill as to why they would rather shop with a 3D virtual tour


Employee Training

Employees also benefit from the digital twin of your store. New or visiting employees can gain access to your store from their own computer to quickly understand the flow of the space without the hassle of arranging onsite tours. Helping new employees learn their way around means they can hit the ground running when they start. Time required to train new recruits is minimized, which saves time and money.

Of shoppers are more interested in shopping in 3D

Of shoppers think virtual stores are more exciting

Examples of where White Horse Web Solutions uses photogrammetry across a range of industries


So Much More Than Just A 3D Virtual Tour

  • Share easily on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Export videos, GIFs, and 4k print-quality photos from your 3D model for marketing campaigns.
  • Publish to Google Street View to connect with local customers looking for nearby stores.
  • Automatically generate guided tours to walk your customers through the highlights.
  • Add information tags to integrate product details and links to buy.
  • Create detailed floor plans to help your customers find what they want quickly.

Refresh Your Offering

Whether for a quick order pickup or a limited in-store visit, give your customers the visual assurance that all the right precautions are taken on premises to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Check out the store arrangement before entering to be sure there is ample space to shop while following physical distancing guidelines.


Of shoppers find 3D virtual tours safer

Miss browsing aisles and product displays


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