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Stage #1

A Business Example

Shears Yard Restaurant, 1-15 Wharf St, Leeds LS2 7EH
Stage #2


1. Floor Plan
  • If you have a floor plan of your business this allow White Horse Web Solutions to fully evaluate the job. To also make our stay on site as short as possible in an effort to reduce disruption. If you do not have a floor plan, dont worry. We would instead encourage a site visit on a time and day that is convenient to you.
  • If you have a floor plan great. Please can you email it o : info@whitehorsewebsolutions.com
  • If you dont have a floor plan, dont worry. One of the benefits of undertaking a 3D scan of your business is that the process creates a floor plan for you. If you require this please can you let us know.

Image 001 courtesy of Shears Yard Restaurant, 1-15 Wharf St, Leeds LS2 7EH

Stage #3

Prepare For The Scanning Path

1. Walk through the property
  • We would recommned that White Horse Web Solutions perform a site visit ahead of the actual scan to try to get a rough (or specific) idea of the"path" the camera will take.
  • For precision White Horse Web Solutions may use tape or another type of "marker" on the floor to make for the most seamless tour possible.
2. Take additional scans at points of interest
  • If there are areas of your space that are visually compelling and you want us to put a focus on, can you let White Horse Web Solutions know ahead of our visit.
3. Direct line of site
  • Each scan point should be between five and eight feet apart so we would appreciate if you stage your space with this in mind.
4. Tagging Objects
  • If you would like us to tag specific objects within your space please can you provide us with a list beforehand. Object tagging allows the visitor the opportunity to discover more information about the content of your space. This might include menu's, prices, opening times etc

Image 002


Image 003


Image 004


Image 005

Stage #4

Clean Up Your Space

1. Clean organize and arrange your space
  • It is important that you make your property appears exactly as you want it to look in the 3D Showcase.
2. Hide your personal things
  • Make sure things you want kept private - like personal pictures on the wall, or an open wallet on the counter etc - are totally hidden from view.
  • Additionally, if there are things in your space that you do not want to feature in the 3D showcase you might want to consider masking these with a blind, curtain or furniture for example.

Image 006


Image 007


Image 008


Image 009

Stage #5

Organise Your Lighting

1. Turn on all the lights in your property before scanning
  • Our cameras will have a hard time scanning dark rooms so we would appreciate it if you could make everywhere well lit, either from natural sources (open windows) or artificial lighting.
  • If you do not have the required lighting can you notify White Horse Web Solutions so that we can undertake a site visit.
2. Try to avoid extreme light differences
  • Our cameras work best when the lighting is even and there are no hot spots in the space. White Horse Web Solutions would apprciate that there are lighting extremes.
  • Example: A candle-lit bedroom, and an incandescent-lit bedroom.
3. Minimize direct sunlight
  • Direct sunlight can blow out the image and/or disrupt the image sensor on our camera's so please can you suggest a time in the day that you think is appropriate.
  • Direct sunlight will result in poor 3D geometry.
4. External spaces
  • If you would like us to create a 3D showcase that incolves photographing your garden, your driveway or any other external space please can you let us know well ahead of our visit.

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