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What is a 3D Digital Twin Tour ?

Will The Real 3D Tour Please Stand Up

A true three-dimensional tour lets the consumer, the estate agent, the farmer, the insurer, museum curator etc remotely 'walk through' a virtual model of a space. It's perhaps best described as 'reality capture', as that's precisely what takes place, and the process brings any built environment directly to anyone, from anywhere, on any device. Viewers can navigate the space simply by clicking or tapping their screen; they can look up or down, as well as side to side, just as they would in real life. The transition from one point to the next within a tour is seamless. There are no visual distortions in a true 3D tour.

So what differentiates a true 3D tour from imitators? It's all about the depth. Any virtual tour can capture two dimensions—height and width—but true three-dimensional tours also capture depth. That is White Horse Web Solutions do best.

Typically this is done via a specialised camera equipped with multiple lenses and infared that can sense, measure, and capture depth. However, in utilising the spatial context of spaces already captured from around the world our AI-powered software also add depth to images captured with simple 360 cameras. The resolution and features vary depending on the plans that you decide upon. In other words, we can create true 3D from 360. For a more in-depth explanation click here

The Big Difference

What a Real 3D Tour Makes Possible

One big difference between 3D tours and 360-degree tours is their verisimilitude, or how true to life they are—there's a reason it's known as 'reality capture'. When virtual property tours are true-to-life, consumers are more likely to substitute them for in-person tours. This offers builders, retailers, travel & hospitality sector etc numerous money saving opportunities like :

  • When drafting your will why not include a digital twin inot the mix providing clarity as to what items go to whom ?
  • Fewer disruptions to your seller, thanks to buyers being able to narrow down whether or not the space is right for them before requesting an in-person showing.
  • When you next take out your home & contents insurance policy why not provide a link to your digital twin so that there is no ambiguity as to the value and contents of your home ? This may ultimately lower your house and contents premium.
  • Out-of-area buyers are more likely to purchase the space with a 3D tour, as they can 'tour' a space without physically being there, opening greater opportunity to 'sight-unseen' sales.
  • If you are looking to promote your holiday home, Air B&B or villa abroad you owe it to your prospective clients to provide them with the best possible introduction to your property before they jump onto a plane.
  • Serious buyers are able to make a purchase decision without requesting multiple showings of the same property.

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