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Your Digital Twin

Using Digital Twins as a central means for farm management allows for the decoupling of physical flows from its planning and control. A Digital Twin removes fundamental constraints concerning place, time, and human observation. Farming would no longer require physical proximity, which enables remote and automated execution, monitoring, control, and coordination of farm operations.


Machine Learning

Modern agricultural production is not possible without reliable and up-to-date information about farm operations. Farms increasingly have to rely on digital technologies such as sensing and monitoring devices, advanced analytics, and smart equipment. Agricultural production is changing fast towards smart farming systems, driven by the rapid pace of technology development like cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, augmented reality and robotics.

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Staff Training

To start a small-scale farm, you need at least 5 people. And the bigger the farm, the more people are involved. With innovative farm technologies and machinery – your staff needs complex training and familiarisation of your farm spaces. As unskilled workers may cause a malfunction or get an injury whilst navigating your estate and by having a digital twin you to avoid such situations.


Farm Managament

A digital twin is a very promising way to bring smart farming to new levels of farming productivity and sustainability. A Digital Twin is a digital equivalent of a real-life object of which it mirrors its behaviour and states over its lifetime in a virtual space. Using a 3D our as a central means for farm management enables the decoupling of physical flows to a more efficient way of farming.


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